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One of the main attractions of the Islantilla destination is its beautiful beach of fine white sand open to the Atlantic Ocean. Shared by Lepe and Isla Cristina , Islantilla is the tourist complex where urban development and respect for the environment are perfectly combined. It is known for all the excellent services it offers thanks to the constant vigilance of the Commonwealth that manages it.

Islantilla has been the first coastal strip recognized with the Q for Tourist Quality distinction on the entire coast of Huelva, and in addition to being fully accessible for people with reduced mobility, it has a wide promenade that allows easy access to a beach full of services : showers, toilets, sailing schools, areas with umbrellas and hammocks, rescue and lifeguard modules, entertainment in high season, etc.

Islantilla beach is 1,400 meters long, has 16 accesses to the beach, 3 of them elevated and all accessible. In addition, it is equipped with basic equipment such as walkways, showers, footbaths, litter bins, as well as cleaning and restaurant services. Along the beach and in its surroundings, you can find selective garbage collection containers (glass, organic and containers). As for the toilets, these are located in the Islantilla Shopping Center and in the modules, along the length of the beach (all of them connected to the general sanitation network).

During the high season, there are 6 areas with awnings and hammocks, 2 sailing schools, a recreational nautical activity, a floating park and a rescue and lifeguard service from June 1 to September 30. It is the ideal place to enjoy all kinds of sports and nautical activities (sailing, catamaran, etc.).

Islantilla beach is recognized annually with the award of the Q for Tourist Quality, the Blue Flag and the Ecoplayas Flag. This destination is also part of the SICTED (Integral System of Tourism Quality in Destination), being also distinguished by this project.



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