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Where to eat?

The gastronomy of this land finds its hallmark in quality. Atlantic and Mediterranean influences forge a cuisine based on fresh fish, shellfish and molluscs, where the richness of Iberian hams and cured meats from the Sierra de Aracena is not lacking, and an inexhaustible source of vegetables and fruits that has its greatest exponents in the famous citrus, strawberries and tropical fruits grown in Lepe, a few meters from the coast. With these references it is easy to discover a varied and simple gastronomy, rich in aromas and textures, which has managed to modernize itself from entities such as the Islantilla School of Hospitality.

The list of dishes is endless: fish such as tuna, sea bass, monkfish or skate. Unmistakable bivalves due to the delicacy of their flavor, such as the coquina or the venus. Unrivaled and universal seafood, such as the Huelva prawn (white and fresh), the lobster, the lobster or the Norway lobsters. Nor should we forget the traditional canning offer of Isla Cristina, with delicious samples of mackerel and frigate mackerel in pure olive oil, from the countryside.

As a climax, the County of Huelva has its own legend with a wine culture that waters the best tables in the province.

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