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Quality as the main objective

SICTED project

Islantilla has participated since 2007 in the SICTED project (comprehensive tourism quality system in destination), because it was selected by the Secretary of State for Tourism and by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces as a pilot destination for the implementation of this project.

It was selected for having all the quality and prestige certificates in force in the tourism sector.

The SICTED project consists of creating a common quality standard for all the agents that operate in a destination (restaurants, hotels, tourist offices, leisure offer...) so that the tourist has a homogeneous perception of it.

Currently participating in this project are the beaches of Islantilla, La Antilla and Lepe, the Tourist Offices of Islantilla, Isla Cristina and Lepe, as well as many companies and hotels in this area:


Islantilla Tourist Office

The Lepe Tourist Office

Isla Cristina Tourist Office

Islantilla Beach


Antilla Beach

center beach  from Isla Cristina


H otel Islantilla Golf Resort  ★★★★

Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel  ★★★★

Hotel ESTIVAL Islantilla Family  ★★★★

Hotel ESTIVAL Isla Cristina  ★★★★

Beach Paradise Hotel ★★

Campsite Playa Taray ★★★


Viajes Zenón buses and taxis

Spanish sailing school

ocean sea park


Islantilla golf club

water fun


Macha Restaurant

The Tattoo Fisher-Sport Fishing

Blue flag

In a globalized world, beaches can no longer compete in simple economic terms, but rather in those qualities that differentiate them: free access to all beaches, accurate and accessible information, compliance with legislation, security, professional lifeguards, attention to people with special needs or environmental education and attention to sensitive natural areas.

Islantilla is, since its creation in the early nineties, a project that is committed to a new concept of tourism development. Quality has always been present in its urban design, in its subsequent evolution and in its promotional strategy.

Islantilla obtained its blue flag for the first time in 1993, and is one of the oldest destinations in its renewal year after year, except for a brief interruption in 2012 due to works on the promenade.

Blue Flag is a certificate at European level with a strong environmental character that recognizes:

  • The quality of bathing water.

  • Information and environmental education offered to tourists.

  • Environmental management.

  • The security, services and facilities of the destination.

It is awarded by an international jury appointed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which brings together 74 NGOs from 64 countries on five continents. In Spain it is represented by ADEAC (association of environmental and consumer education).

Q for Quality

Likewise, for a few years now, Islantilla beach has taken another step forward in its search for excellence, also achieving the Q for Quality , another Environmental Quality system promoted by the ICTE (Spanish Tourist Quality Institute), which in addition to measuring levels environmental quality of the beach, assesses the management system from the organization and optimization of resources.

The "Q" for quality is the quintessential Spanish quality mark, backed by the Secretary of State for Tourism and by the autonomous communities and is a guarantee of:

  • Prestige.

  • Differentiation.

  • Reliability.

  • Rigor.

  • Promotion.


Islantilla obtained the Q for quality for the first time in 2007, being the first Huelva destination to obtain it, to which other beaches have since been added.

Get the "Q" for quality It implies passing a series of strict audits that demand a high degree of quality, safety and professionalism in the procedures.

The difficult thing is not only to obtain the q of tourist quality, but also to maintain it over the years, due to the high level of demand that it entails.

Eco beaches

Islantilla obtains the Ecoplayas flag for the first time in 2009.

It is an award that rewards, based on a global technical vision, all aspects of the beach such as:

  • Sand quality.

  • Water quality.

  • Equipments.

  • Services.

  • Erosion control.

  • Accessibility.

  • Standardization of procedures.

  • Specialized certifications.

environmental information

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