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Located in 'El Camaleón' Park and based on Crossfit and Street Workout training, the facility offers a new option for fans of physical activity. A central exercise cage made up of 12 elements (horizontal ladder, ring gantry, climbing rope, inclined ladder, trellis, dip bar, single bars, triangular bars, double bars, …), in addition to another eleven with jump benches , sit-up benches, push-up bars, parallel bars, trellis bars,... and an indication poster, make up this magnificent structure. To which you can add elements such as TRX straps for work in suspension, among others.

Modular structure with multiple combinations for the development of physical qualities, suitable for carrying out a complete physical training program where you can work on strength, speed, muscular and cardiovascular resistance, flexibility, agility, balance,...

Constructed of galvanized steel, painted in polyester powder and oven-dried in red, the Mobipark Training Box complies with current regulations on fixed physical training equipment installed outdoors. Durability, low maintenance, safety, weather resistance and anti-vandalism are the main characteristics of these materials. Auxiliary equipment such as litter bins and bicycle parking is also available next to the facility. Silica sand has been added to the safety area of the cage to reduce the impact before falls and to obtain optimal drainage against rain.

The Islantilla Training Box is designed for adults, its use is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, and the instructions regarding the exercises indicated on the poster must be followed, so excessive effort must be avoided during its use and You should consult your doctor before doing the exercises.

Do you accept the challenge?

Those people and companies interested in learning more about the Islantilla sports program can contact the Sports Area of the Commonwealth of Islantilla via email  or social networks (Facebook:  Islantilla Sports  and Twitter:  @IslantillaDxts ).

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